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OEM/ODM is one of our main business lines still,started as a contract manufacturing business,we have more than a decade infield manufacturing experiences and know-how from an idea and how to actualize it well effectively and efficiently.

Here are 5 key areas we have been focusing and growing

P1:Electronic design and development

Most electronic modules/parts are toys,electronic gadgets,health products,and led lightings,etc

P2:Injection molds development

A great end-product means from outside to inside,so a top-notch quality plastic housing is always essential.Which is subject to the injection molds management and quailty control,plus high quality polymers material selections.

P3:Products assembly and packaging

Both are important lines in our whole production unit,from pre-inspection,in-inspection and post-inspection,we have employed all must-have steps to ensure the final mass output.

P4:Design support

It’s always expensive to start an adventure,expensive to find right people to realize the idea that hatched out in the mind.We have setup this design dept to support all customers’ needs timely and cost-effectively,plus make it happen as fast as we all expected.

l 3D design


l Graphic design


l Packaging design


l PCB design


l Product design


P5:Outsourcing Unit

We can not produce everything in house.Therefore,we have added right sourcing folks in house to support customers with one-stop delivery service upon requests.Our outsourcing is not just buying and shipping,we have sourced based on our huge manufacturing experiences and quality control management,all products released by us in house or out house are guaranteed by us for every single buyer.

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