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JETECH ELECTRONICS was established in 2011 as a full service contract manufacturer in the electronics and plastics industry.

Our company focuses on core values below that are fundamental in achieving and maintaining our high level of reputation in the production of quality,cost-effective and innovative products for our customers.


We strive on acquiring new knowledge and skills to continually enhance our ability to improve processes and products and to enhance satisfaction of motivated employees.We are committed to be a learning organization that is characterized by employees constantly working to master their skills and who recognize the important of change and innovation.


We are fully committed to a job well done and to a supportive work environment that fosters enthusiasm for the work.Engaged employees care about the quality of their work,respect others and thrive in an environment that recognizes a job well done


We accept our individual and team responsibilities and we meet our commitments.Each of us can be depended upon to do what we say we are going to do.We employ the highest ethical standards and we take responsibility for our performance in all decisions and actions.


We are proactive in our work,anticipating what might go wrong in a process or might fail in a product.We anticipate change and work to improve efficiencies while decreasing waste in time,effort and material.


When it comes to innovative solutions,our engineering team is second to none.Our team is very experienced in developing and manufacturing a broad range of products from concept to reality.Whether your product is a simple plastic assembly,or a device with complex assembly.JETECH will make it happen for you from start to finish.

In-house engineering expertise

Part design and analysis

Mold design and analysis






One of the biggest factors in reducing lead-time and excessive startup investment is our ability to design and build our tooling in-house.Injection molds,metal dies and fixtures are designed in collaboration with our own machinists and toolmakers.This ensures the end results which is crucial to advancing into the next stage of mass production.


Our extensive levels of planning are focused on ensuring each product can be manufactured cost effectively and efficiently.Once the product is ready to be manufactured,our production

In-House Capabilities

Plastic Injection Molding



Sonic Welding


With facilities located in both Ningbo,China and the Ohio,USA.We are capable of offering our clients high levels of communication along with strategic advantages most others can not offer.This includes versatile abilities to produce your product in both China and the USA with full service distribution.

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