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When it comes to innovative solutions, our engineering team is second to none.  Our team is very experienced in developing and manufacturing a broad range of products from concept to reality. Whether your product is a simple plastic assembly, or a device with complex assembly, JETECH will make it happen for you from start to finish.

It’s always expensive to start an adventure,expensive to find right people to realize the idea that hatched out in the mind.We have setup this design dept to support all customers’ needs timely and cost-effectively,plus make it happen as fast as we all expected.

● 3D design

● Graphic design

● Packaging design

● PCB design

● Product design

Here is some cases we design for our customer before for your reference:


Product:Kids Projection Watch Toy


Featured projection technology with tactile sensor switch ,as well as high quality music and LED lighting effects built inside.

As a typical innovative music+lighting+projection toys,it looks small,but it involved a lot.

This is a great watch toy to get kids engaged,enjoyed.


From very beginning over the idea discussion to the end products available off the shelf takes 3 months,which included drawings confirmation,demo testing,prototyping check,and injection molds building,pre-production samples

review and mass production released schedulely.There are a lot of uncertainities need to be discussed and fixed timely,like final packaging design,3months for a complete new project,it’s really a challenge,but it worked smoothly

through our efforts with our sincere customer.


The projection image quality.

Which is the key point the customer worried a lot at the beginning over her high expectations.In the end,the image projection design works pretty cool,pretty clear and the image projected at reasonable distance costs less than

the expected budget

Audio output:

The sound quality is excellent over the limited acoustic inner space and most importantly the tight budget,we have optimized the sampling rate and edited the orignal aduio as much as we could without distorting the original


Power supply:

3V DC as power supply to support this multi-function toy(3-in-1) designed projection watch means the power consumption must be extreme low and the idle current must be nearing “zero”.


The surface finish of the molds,which is something we should finalize before moving forward,but initially,there is no such requirements ,or no such consideration between all of us at all.That’s a problem,which is a lesson for us to

improve for future.Mirror shiny surface finish enhanced the product extremely beautiful,but it also costs us a lot to upgrade the materials(The roughness of different steel materials defined the final processing quality,also defined

the costs) and processings.Which is something we can avoid if we considered all as early as possible,actually at the very beginning.But it is a good lesson for all of us anyway,No pain no gain,fortunately,it’s a mild pain.

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