New Private Mould Button Design

Fascinating button, isnt it?

We are specialized in manufacturing button series for more than 10 years. We are developing the new design button constantly during this time.For different sizes and different functions.

Here introduce you one of our new button design which we have finished the button mould this month.

The size is reasonable 102mm dia. A little bit bigger than the normal 89mm dia and smaller than the 114mm dia.

Considering different customers needs,we have 3 switches in the back for different function. Like the pic below:

There are 3 choices at your request.

01 is for the recordable button. There are three switches refer to N/P/R


P ----play

R ----record

The recording time normally is 10s,20s,30s,60s. Also can be customized much longer upon your needs.

02 is for the pre-recorded button. Can be pre-recorded the music,sound effect,counting and so on. Not only can customize different sound periods by pressing again or double clicking with volume low or high,also can be operated by the switch in the back to voice 1,voice 2 and voice 3 with the same volume.

03 is with a USB port. Can be customized with different memory size.4M,8M,16M,32M and so on.

This feature is quite versatile. You can DIY your music with the hi-fi sound quality design.By far,it is available with mp3 or wav formated files.


Multifuctional-- Can customize the sound and function per your real demands.If you have any idea of the button use,just feel free to contact us,we can make it happen for you.

Easy Print-- Smooth flat surface for easy and high quality printing option and the convex area available with thermal transfer printing or pad printing.

Music and Lighting --The sound of the button can be customized in a variety of ways with corresponding lighting effects to meet your personalized applications.

Widely Used

Push sound button is buzzing around various occasions. Such as 30 Second Dance Party button is an instant pick me up with the press of a button; Dance out a stressful day at the office with your co-workers for instant fun. Or longer music time for dance training or yoga.

Buzzing button is also a perfect tool for classroom. Buzzers are loud enough to get your students engaged in.

Using the recordable button for therapy sessions, and help understand words through tactile and aural practice.

Whether you’re shopping for holidays, birthdays, or just a simple learning or training tool. This is something worth trying.

Button is a time buzzer,a portable timer at your hand when you do some workouts in house.

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